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With an illustrious career spanning over more than two decades, Sabrina Maingard has carved out an exemplary career within South African fashion. Her Italian heritage, strong personality and exceptional eye for trends has led her to working with an array of high profile brands and clients, including the likes of Alexander Forbes, Barrows, Varsity College and Tsogo Sun.

Her journey began whilst studying Fashion Design at Natal Technikon (DUT), alongside fellow fashion students, Terrence Bray and Abigail Betz. Her diploma awarded her many opportunities, such as winning the Durban July Young Designer award at the then called, “Rothmans July” in 1995. Further accolades and awards led her to bigger projects, including trend forecasting for several local retailers like the Foschini Group and Mr Price.

The pinnacle was her establishing her own clothing label... Roselli, stocked at YDE in the heyday of the emergence of South African fashion.

Several years later and with new purpose, her globally inspired thinking carried her forward to the proud creation of Fashion Nanny and she is now working under her own name. Her brand and business have been incredibly influential within her work and outreach within schools and corporate brands. The benchmark of the brand lies in true style, the education process of understanding clothing and ultimately the improvement of etiquette to achieve results as a professional. Her two main courses, Fashion Camp and Style Camp are firmly focused on empowering teenage girls to understand how fashion and beauty can impact their lives. Sabrina works closely with bloggers, designers and professionals to create an all round informative, highly impactful experience. Brands such as Dermalogica, ABSA and several local influencers have been involved in collaborating with her.

From 2015 to 2019 she further expanded her empire and opened her first boutique... Atelier, based within Durban’s well-known Quarters Hotel. The beautiful and carefully considered space was a curated collection of local fashion paired with a few treasures from Europe.

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