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Although I have dabbled in blog posts with my Fashion Nanny website in the past, my vice on expressing myself digitally in fashion has always been through Instagram. I am a visual being through the creative narrative of my life, so understandably curated and stylized shots of my daily outfits, accessorizing and fashion “inspo” were always an obvious choice. But, somehow, the thoughts in my fashion brain keep pressing the replay button in my inner fashion mind and I feel it’s time to share this with whoever is out there, like minded or just a keen fashion traveller. What intrigues me often is the cyclical life of fashion. Like, how did cycling shorts, fanny packs and mullet hairstyles nuzzle their way back into our daily life? How do beautifully arched eyebrows suddenly become dragon brows or feather brows?

How does the legendary Croc brand, renowned as the world’s ugliest offering to women’s feet, end up adorning the feet of supermodels on the international fashion catwalk?

Relevance is a powerful word in this business and being on your “A” game is paramount. Innovation and evolution must occur on a weekly level to stay relevant. Collaboration is up there with key brands such as Coach teaming up with Selena Gomez and Gucci with Harry Styles. Influence is stronger than ever, but is also requiring innovation to stay powerful. I hope to keep you intrigued with my moments of deep pondering of where trends are leading, failing and existing. In a world of convenience, abundance and overflow in this industry, I hope to share this journey and see what course it takes.

Photo by Jerome Stoffels

Styling Assistant Nadia Jonker

Taken at Durban Natural History Museum

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